I just finished watching the Jeffrey Epstein docu-series and I have a few things to say;

I’m so sorry to all the survivors who were abused, muted by a corrupt system and for the injustice you received by Jeffrey Epstein’s death.

I continue to be disgusted by the broken system that was built to serve and protect. It is devastating how much corruption exists while so many innocent lives continue to suffer.

To all the men out there. Protect women. Listen to women. Believe women.

I too have been raped. I too have been muted. I too have been part of a broken system. I too live in city where men who have assaulted me walk free, with their heads held high, living a life remorse free.

I am a white woman and I have not felt seen or heard after experiencing trauma. I have felt that people I considered friends, colleagues, employers, police, and hospitals have failed me. I understand now one of the difference between me and BIPOC and our experiences are that when the police showed up to my call, they spoke calmly, they didn’t make me feel worse, I thought maybe there’s a chance they will do the right thing, they took the time to take down my report. They didn’t intimidate, assault, further traumatize and murder me. Which is every encounter a BIPOC experiences.

I’m so sorry to BIPOC women for you not being seen, heard, protected, and valued simply because of the colour of your skin. You experience a daily injustice in a city you deserve to call home, to feel safe in, and to take up space in.

It is absolutely not OK. I see the protests. I see the action. I see the change. I feel hopeful.

Like the Jeffrey Epstein case the change and ratifications are long overdue. I’m sorry it’s taken so long.

I’m sorry. I see you. I hear you. I stand with you

Toronto, On. Canada.